A rush of bubbles like no other

Sip Shooter - $29.95

Blast form the past with a sophisticated flair. Think beer bong for the classy AF. The Sip Shooter is a 6-ounce glass with a funnel stem for a classy way for you to sip through that bubbly with speed (think classy shot vibes!). With this set you'll get to sip fast with your BFF.

“Brought this to Sunday brunch with the girls and they were amazed! Once they tried it they were all hooked!”

Level up with a champagne shot

How it works

You didn't know it was missing from your life, but now you do so here it is. In three easy steps, you'll be catching eyes with your new toy. Here's how it works:

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    Tilt the Sip Shooter until the flute and the stem form a V-shape

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    Pours bubbly into the flute

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    Slip the stem into your mouth, tip the vessel up, and enjoy the bubbles at record speed