Celebration Box - $45.95

This gift box highlights 2 amazing sparkling wines and a fun sip shooter (the classy way to take a shot of champagne). This box is essential to every celebration. Whether you’re celebrating Friday, a bachelorette or a promotion, this is the box for you.

Rosé All Day! - $60.95

This gift box highlights 3 very exquisite rosés. Find out what style of rosé you really love and then stock up or at least learn what to do when the wine list has more than one pink bubbly option!

Novelty Box - $55.95

This gift box highlights 3 very novel and delicious champagnes. Giving us the blues in the best way possible. From the blueberry kiss to a gold treat, this box makes the perfect gift.

The Classic Box - $60.95

If you love champagne, you'll love this box because (let's be honest) any day is a good day for a champagne. This box offers a timeless selection of 2 classics and 1 amazing novel champagne that will be a hit for celebrating life’s biggest moments or just a nice relaxing glass at the end of your day. With this box, you really don’t need an excuse to celebrate!

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