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This is probably going to be the most confusing but interesting part of drinking sparkling wine. Here we go....

Brut sparkling wine's are dry, but not every brut sparkling wine is really dry. In the wine world "dry" simply means "not sweet". A totally dry sparkling wine will have zero residual sugar. Also, ( get ready for this), "extra dry" sparkling wines are never really that dry, often are a tiny bit sweet. You'll get to dry one in this box!

The last part of creating a sparkling wine is to add a dosage. Because of it's high acidity combined with its effervescence the wine is generally too harsh for most palates. To help with this most sparkling wine producer will add a small amount of sugar, dissolved in the wine, before the permanent cork is added.

In this months box we focus on dosage and the important roll it plays in the creation of our favorite becerage, sparkling wine!



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