Real Estate Closing Gifts: 3 ways to pick a gift that will Wow!

Real estate is a very personal business. Reputation and word of mouth are essential for building a successful real estate business. You want to give a memorable real estate closing gift that can leave a great impression on your client.How do you ensure your closing gift will be memorable for your client to encourage referrals and future business? These are the 3 elements of a perfect closing gift.

Give Gifts with Real Purpose

Instead of another knick-knack that will clutter the client’s shelves and be forgotten, give them something they will use and enjoy. Sparkling wine is always a great option and with The Sip, your client can raise a glass and toast to their new home.

Make it Personal

Always include a personal message to share your appreciation to your client. Let them know you enjoyed helping them find the perfect home and are excited for their new home. Craft a personal message to share your appreciation to your client. And best of all, adding a  personal message with The Sip box is free!

Keep it Simple

Pick a gift that is easy to purchase and even easier to give. The Sip boxes can be easily purchased online and in bulk. There are a variety of price points; assuring you the flexibility of the right gift. You can even purchase a gift card for a subscription of bi-monthly boxes  to ensure you stay top of mind for future referrals!