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What is Summer Water?

What is summer water? Is it just rosé? We've been asking ourselves this question lately and finally found the answer. Summer water is more than just a drink it's a state of mind! For us it's the drink we pick up on a hot summer day with our favorite girls just to have a little fun in the sun. It's often times the pretty pale pink rosé we all know and love, but it can also be any crisp bubbles made to be on ice, or little pale blue drink that is crisp too. The moral of the story is Summer water is what you make of it. So save water this summer and drink your favorite summer fizzes. Here are our top go to bubbly styles to enjoy this summer to beat the heat.

  • Rosé: Our favorite lil' pink bubbly friend. This Summer beauty is great go to and it's berry and crisp notes hit just the right spots.
  • Champagne Made to be on ice: Because what does a body good other than a talk glass of ice and this new trendy bubbles made to keep you cool while satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • Any fun trend that make your feel cute! Whether it's blue bubbles or bubbly with gold flakes, do what makes you happy. But most importantly do it with the people who make you happy. Happy Sipping!

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Happy Sipping

Erica - CEO of Bubbles


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