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The Best Black Owned Wine!

Black owned wines span the globe all the way from France to a little oh' town of Alameda,California. We couldn't be happier to celebrate these wines in our November Sip Box. The theme for this month's Sip box if you haven't guessed it is not only black owned but also women owned brands. So with out further ado we'd like to introduce you to Wachira!

Wachira Wines is a black-owned, woman owned winery in Alameda County and the culmination of the extraordinary vision and effort of Dr. Chris (Christine) Wachira, the first Kenyan-born, Californian winemaker, distributor, importer, and exporter. As a young immigrant working her way through college, earning her Doctorate, Chris fell in love with the science of winemaking and developed a deep appreciation for the sense of community built from sharing a bottle of wine with complete strangers. Her story is about fighting for equity and the ability to succeed through adversity.

They envision their wines being shared by a group of friends, over fond memories and deep bellied laughs. They have been meticulous in crafting varietals that complement that vision. Heard enough and just want to taste? Click here to sign up for the upcoming November box which will include Wachira's Sparkling Demi-sec Wine. Use code wachira at check out to receive 25% off your first box.

Happy Sipping.






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