Something for every mom in your life!

So let’s just say it COVID! Mother’s day this year is going to look a little different for all of us, and you know, that is okay. The important thing is that the moms in our lives know how much we appreciate their hard work and love. It is still the day we show our affection by giving a card, sending a gift or giving a virtual hug. It has to be different this year but it doesn’t have to be any less great! So here are a few ideas to make every mother in your life’s Mother’s Day that much brighter.

  •  From the amazing partner: Let’s make it a movie night but fancy! 
  • To your BFF: Napa is closed, but wine tasting doesn’t have to be
  • From the awesome kids: Hugs might not be on the list but a toast still can be.
    • The List:
      • Send out your Zoom Invite!
      • Buy mom’s favorite flowers
      • A great bottle of Laurent Perrier

Click here for more ideas on how to celebrate mom this year


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