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Meet the COO

I love champagne, not just for the taste, and I DO love the taste, but for the experience it creates. Every aspect of having a glass of champagne is a call to stop, be present, and celebrate. There is the popping of the cork, OPA! The quiet HOORAY that fizzles up with the bubbles, and then finally the cool sweet, or dry taste (your choice) you have swirling in your fancy glass.

So often we are waiting for special occasions to come around before we give ourselves permission to stop, be present, and celebrate. But life is way too short for any of that. I want to create those moments now. That means randomly pressing pause every now and then and taking a moment to celebrate any aspect of life, and if that includes a glass of champagne, it makes it all the more sweeter….or dryer, your choice!


Take a Sip, Give a Sip

As women who grew up in Oakland, who have now founded a business in...

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"Brand" New State of Mind.

During a conversation, I was asked why I built a champagne brand geared mainly...

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Something for every mom in your life!

So let’s just say it COVID! Mother’s day this year is going to look...

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The Traditional Method

Making Champagne and Sparkling wine is a really complicated process - more complicated than...

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How Sweet is Sweet

All champagnes can be categorized according to dryness and sweetness in six ways. From...

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Match made in heaven

As much as I love Champagne and again I DO love champagne. When it...

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Sweet Dreams

Cocktail - Apple Cider Mimosa The most famous champagne cocktail is of course a...

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