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How to Pick The Best Champagne Bottle!

Despite what anyone has to say, the best Champagne is the one you know you love. The best way to do that you ask? Try it! Everyone's palate is different and that is why discovering different brands and exploring different types is so important to understanding your palate.

When we built this brand, we wanted it to serve as a safe, fun and easy space for people to experience and discover Champagne. And for us, that means the full experience. While it's mostly about the bottle, its also important to understand what you're drinking and why you're enjoying that. So in each Sip curated box there are 3 different champagnes, a custom Sip gift and a Sip Guide. The Sip guide provides great education on what your sipping, tasting notes and those informative facts allow you to start understanding your palate.

So how does it all work? You pick your membership, we've got 2! You can choose to subscribe bi-monthly and cancel anytime or commit to a year with annual subscription and save. With the Sip, we allow you to taste a full size bottle in a smaller format making this luxury product accessible. Once you've sipped and found what you love we give you $10 in reward cash towards a full size bottle. Talk about an upgrade! It's probably one of the top reason our Sippers join. What better way to discover the best Champagne bottle for you?

Not a member? No worries, we've got you covered. Use code: Nov25 and get $25 off your first box when you become an annual subscriber.

Click here to join.




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