6 Tips for the Perfect Team Gift

So, if you’re  a Boss ;)  then you know the challenge of finding the perfect gift for your team. How do you pick the perfect gift? How do you give a gift that someone doesn’t immediately throw in the trash . . . or worst re-gift!? Gifts reconfirm or establish our connections with our team, which means they should be unique and thoughtful. Plus, with everything going on why not also make them FUN! Here are 6 tips for finding the perfect gift for your team. 

1. Make it an event!

If you are giving the gifts to celebrate an occasion then having event based gifts can be a good deal. Event based gifts are an awesome way to not just celebrate or say thank you but create an experience that will actively bring the team together.

2. Lean towards sure fire crowd pleasers

A great way to choose the perfect corporate gift is to  place yourself at the receiver end. No matter who you are about to gift; your client, business partner or employee think. . . is this a gift I would enjoy!

3. Presentation matters

Your gift is a reflection of how much you care. So when choosing a company to buy from, be sure to spend some time not just looking at the gift but the overall presentation. Attention to detail can turn a really nice gift into a memorable one. 

4. Have a thoughtful budget

You want to send something thoughtful and unique but without breaking the bank. So create a budget that is both large enough to be impactful, but also makes sense to your bottom line.

5. Feel good and do good

It always feels good to get a great gift from your leader, but it feels even better to know your gift also helped someone in need. Try to partner with a brand that showcases a genuine and direct philanthropic cause.

6. Gift The Sip

Now that you know what it takes to send the perfect gift. You are ready to gift The Sip!  Click here to visit our Bulk Gifting page, and get started. 


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