Keep the bubbles flowing longer!

Champagne Stopper - $12.95

Never let another bottle of bubbles go to waste with our Sip Champagne stoppers. If we are being honest, there aren't many bottles sparkling wine that make it to the next day. It's so much fun to drink. But for those night where you don't make it through the bottle, you'll have this amazing stopper.

“I'll never waste another bottle of champagne again! Thank you for saving the bubbles with a stopper that is cute and actually works.”

Bubbles for days

Why you'll love it

Our Sip Champagne Stopper is specially crafted to grip the neck of the bottle, so there's no chance of it popping off from the buildup of CO2 in your bottle.

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    Universal stopper for any bottle

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    Leak-proof, airtight seal

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    Hand washing recommended