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Is Blue Champagne a thing?

Does blue champagne actually exist? If you live in California it does (well it is California sparkler but you get the point). While we all love a glass of the pale pink beauty that is rosé, the hot new trend of blue sparkling wine is all the new craze. Blanc de bleu is a cool twist on a traditional favorite blanc de blanc. Made of 100% chardonnay grapes, this California sparkling wine is created using the charmat method and similar process to rosé to get its color. 

So what does that even mean? First a base wine is created. A Base wine is a type of still wine produced in the first stage of fermentation, or primary fermentation process, during the production of sparkling wines. The wine is then transferred into an autoclave (pressure resistant tank). The 2nd fermentation is completed in  about 10 days. 

After the fermentation is complete, the yeast is filtered out. A small amount of blueberry juice concentrate is added. Also, the blue color is mixed in at this time. The dosage, a sweetening solution, is added to impart a balance to the wine that is dry, crisp, and refreshing.

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Erica - CEO of Bubbles